SHB/iNTeg-Risk course V-R26 QRA&A, Quantitative Risk Assessment and Advanced Application
April 8-12, 2013
Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT)
Filderhauptstraße 142,
70599 Stuttgart (Plieningen)


Short description

The course presents an introduction to Quantitative Risk Analysis, thus illustrating the necessary steps for the calculation of risk indexes.

Practical approach to frequency calculation and consequence assessment, including vulnerability models, will be discussed. A specific focus on domino effect and accidents triggered by Natural-Technological (Na-Tech) events will be presented.

Main topics of the course include:

  • Definitions and risk metric
  • Basic elements for risk calculation: scenario selection, frequency and consequence assessment
  • Risk calculation
  • Assessment of the industrial risk induced by natural events (Na-Tech)
  • The main steps of the procedure developed for the assessment of Na-Tech accidents will be presented


The goal of the course is to give an introduction to Quantitative Risk Assessment and to introduce the participants to the analysis of risks originated outside the process boundary, i.e. due to external events. More specifically: domino effects and Na-Tech accidents due to earthquakes, flooding, lightning.

The participants will be introduced to the more accepted methodologies for chemical process risk analysis, with particular emphasis to the recent advancement on consequence analysis. A focus on the methods for the evaluation of domino effects will be presented, exemplifying the assessment of complex industrial layouts.

Na-Tech analysis methodologies developed within the Integ-risk project will provide training in supporting the resilience of industrial facilities to accidental scenario triggered by natural events.


Prof. Valerio Cozzani, University of Bologna;
Dr. Ernesto Salzano, CNR - Combustion Research Institute;
Dr. Alessandro Tugnoli, University of Bologna

Target participants

The contents of the course is structured to satisfy the needs of

  • Professionals dealing with risk issues on management and operational level
  • Individuals with general technical background which require a specific training in industrial safety and risk assessment
  • Students of mater courses in Process engineering, Industrial engineering, Risk engineering or similar courses

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