SHB/iNTeg-Risk course V-R37 VA&PA: Vulnerability Analysis and Return on Prevention Analysis
May 6 - 10, 2013
Steinbeis Transfer Institute Advanced Risk Technologies
Haus der Wirtschaft, Willi-Bleicher-Str. 19,
70174 Stuttgart, Germany


Short description

Vulnerability Analysis is a prerequisite to a risk assessment. Coupled with return on prevention analysis it could serve as an essential step in risk management and future scenarios development, giving managers and risk specialists a powerful decision assisting tool. This course aims to build up competences regarding vulnerability analysis in industry based on the current best practice in EU, as well as to provide basic knowledge regarding Return on Prevention Vulnerability analysis. Return on Prevention assessment gives the efficiency of the money and resources invested. The course presents the latest methodologies and instruments and also the latest stage of art.

Main topics of the course include:

  • Introductory part: Definitions used in the course. Goal and objectives of the course
  • Vulnerability discovery, Models, Consequences: Where vulnerabilities appear, how are generated and found. Intentional and unintentional vulnerabilities. Hazard vulnerability analysis.
  • Vulnerability Analysis and mapping: Conflict vulnerability analysis; Vulnerability Analysis of Safety Systems
  • Vulnerability metrics and KPI: What should be measured and why. What are KPI regarding vulnerability expressing.
  • Vulnerability management: Vulnerability life cycle management, best practices, management principles and tools.
  • ROP-basis and need for: What is ROP and how could ROP help the management of the enterprise
  • ROP methodology: Steps in order to collect data and to process ROP
  • How to interpret ROP?: ROP interpretation in relationship with managerial data.
  • ROP implementation in risk management and safety culture: Best practice procedures in order to use currently ROP as a useful instrument for the management and also for the employees.
  • Project analysis and test: Here student would present their projects and would respond to the grill test.

Target participants

The course is designed to satisfy the needs of safety experts and practitioners, engineers and managers, especially risk managers. At the end of the course students are expected to:

  • have the necessary competences in order to perform vulnerability analysis at their enterprises
  • understand basics of Return on Prevention (RoP) concepts and its usage in risk management
  • form their competences in RoP assessment.


The course will provide the students with sufficient knowledge and skills that they should be able to do a vulnerability analysis and on its results a return on prevention analysis, showing the weak points (where the facility is vulnerable) and giving the spots where return on prevention could be maximized. Also, objectives should materialize in an individual project and also in the responses of a multiple answers test.



Prof. Dr. Stefan Kovacs, INCDPM "Alexandru Darabont" - National Research and Development Institute on Occupational Safety, Romania

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The students coming either from the participating universities in iNTeg-Risk, or enrolled in the “European Master of Risk Engineering & Management” as well as students from the University of Stuttgart may register free of charge. Registration fees for other participants are:

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The course is intended for 10-15 participants. The registrations will be processed on the first-applied-first-served basis. 

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Mr. Andras Veres
Tel: +49 711 1839 647

Ms. Roswitha Kokejl
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